Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Philippines Adventure Day 6

I'm tired so ill be brief. I woke up early an saw the subset. Then we ate breakfast, then we went kayaking and snorkeling. The snorkeling was cool because we held into the supports for a Banca (small boat) and he pulled us through the water over the reef. It was actually a little scary sometimes because the water was only 3ft deep in some places and the idea if being scrapped across the coral wasn't particularly comforting. The boatman then took us to an underwater cave. Well, the entrance was on the shore but you were soon in the water and to get out you had to swim about 2ft down before swimming 10ft out to clear the rock. This was all fun, but sadly we have to catch a ferry back to the mainland.

We packed our things, ate lunch, and took a Banca to the Puerto Galleras where we were just in time for the ferry back to Botangas. Once there, we were picked up by our previous driver and taken to our hotel in Manila near the airport.

The rest can be summed up as--eat, sleep, eat, 4hr plane ride, 4hr layover, 12?or more hour plane ride, 1.5hr layover 2 hour plane ride, 45min car ride back to CCU. And thus ended our Philippines

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