Friday, June 6, 2014

First Hours in Peru

Travel days can be long. I would hesitate to say ours was extremely long, but it certainly wasn't short. We arrived at the Denver airport at 9:40 pm for a 11:55 pm flight. We tried to sleep but were too excited to crank out any zz's. We arrived at ft lauderdale at 5:30 local time about an hour before the sun came up. We rented a car and began driving down the coast. The sunrise was beautiful and we were able to pull over and enjoy the beach for a few moments before continuing to drive to South Beach Miami. We spent the day at the beech before getting on our plane to Lima.

Once we landed we went through customs and got ripped off by a cab company that charged us $46 for a cab that would have cost $10. But we felt safe so it was worth it. We rendezvoused with Kait, garret, an Jacob at the hostel at about 10:30 and went driving with Kaits friends. We saw the ocean and were able to get our feet wet--touching both pacific and Atlantic in the same day. We saw many cool places around Lima. 

We woke the next morning at 10 and took our time eating a breakfast of bread and cereal. At 11:30 we left for the presidents palace and were able to watch the changing of the guard.
Overall, this has been a great experience. The culture shock I experienced in Asia and England hasn't hit me yet. Perhaps I am getting used to traveling? It is similar here to the phillipines but it is much nicer. 
After watching the. Changing of the guard, we went on a tour of the cathedral. Basilica Cathedral of Lima. 

The tour was great and we learned of Peru's history and about the catholic culture. After that we ate at about 2 at a Peruvian restaurant. My food was very good. It was some kind of beef thing with fried potatoes. I ordered a cappuccino and it was tasty. A little darker roast than I usually go for but it was nutty and flavorful. 

After lunch we made our way to the cathedral of st Francis. There we went on another tour and were able to go into the catacombs. Garret and I snuck off and were able to go see another part of the cathedral. 

Once done, we shopped for a bit. I don't find anything of interest. 

We went back to the hostel and met up with Christina again. She took us to a water park. Not a water park with slides and such, but a park of illuminated water features. I practiced my vet limited spanish vocabulary and made Kait laugh at my gringoness. It was a fun evening, but we went to bed a bit early so that we could be sure to rest before our 8am flight to Cuzco. 

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