Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Philippines Adventure Day 2

The Journey to Manila: An unexpected surprise

Our flight to Japan was delayed so we missed our connection in Tokyo to Manila. The airlines provided a hotel room which was pretty nice. Elizabeth and I ate dinner at the hotel restaurant and sampled all the different foods. We went to bed around 9pm and quickly fell asleep.

We woke up at 6 and walked around outside looking at the new flowers and plants. Very cool. Breakfast was interesting.

We made it to the airport and navigated our way to the proper terminal. Thankfully a lot of the signs are also in English otherwise we'd be in a bind.

Boarded the plane to the Philippines and spent the next 4 hours strapped to a 747. I watched Cloud Atlas and couldn't follow it at all. Once we landed we proceeded through customs and immigration. Security seemed very lax. We met the guy who was supposed to pick us up and were soon driving through Manila. That was interesting. You'd see a mixture of new fairly nice buildings right next to the smallest shanties. There were lots of "junk shops" lining the roads as well as pineapple farms once we exited the city. As one might expect, the only traffic rules here seem to be, "get in front by whatever means possible and go faster." Lanes are optional.

The Journey to Manila: Bio-Celebrity

Once we reached Tagaytay and our hotel we were shown to our room. Back downstairs amidst the microbiology convention stuff, we were arrested by a bunch of people who wanted to get their picture taken with "the Dr. Bauman." We then ate at the small restaurant after which Elizabeth and I attempted to do homework but we both ended up sleeping instead.

After that--banquet, Starbucks, research paper writing, sleep. See ya on the flippedy flop.

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