Sunday, June 8, 2014

Peru day 2

We woke to an early alarm at 5:16. Kait and I scrambled out the door and went to a store to buy breakfast stuff since we needed to be at the airport super early. We got bread and jam in a pouch, apples, and yogurt. The five of us squeezed into a small taxi. Only two packs fit in the trunk so we had to squeeze with all of our stuff like sardines--with four of us in the back seat. 

We arrived at the airport in good time and made our way through security after eating our humble breakfast. 
We arrived at the gate a few nineties before it began boarding. We entered the plane via the steps rather than a jet bridge. Once in the air, it wasn't long before we were greeted with beautiful views of the Andes. These peaks were huge! Certainly much bigger than anything in Colorado. 

We landed in Cusco at about 10 and negotiated a cab to the cafe where we were to meet Christa. The driver let us out at the Plaza de San Blas and pointed in the direction of the cafe. We were soon greeted by Christa who took is upstairs to our room. It was all beautiful and perfect.  We went back downstairs and enjoyed a relaxing meal in a semi-private room. We me a nice lady from Australia who makes her own chocolate and gives chocolate massages. We also were introduced to two other resident of the cafe who were from Texas and would be our companions for the remainder of the day. 

Soon we began hiking to the Temple of the Moon which dates back to the Incas. It was very interesting to walk in such an old and ancient place where many people lived vastly different lives.  After that, we began walking to some caves that Brandon knew of. On the way, we played frisbee and ended up playing Ultimate  on a bluff above Cuzco. We taught some local girls how to play and had a great time being very American in a foreign country. 

We then proceeded to the caves which we explored. They were all very tight but we had a good time winding our way through the labyrinth. We then started heading back to the cafe as the sun was beginning to set. On our way we ran into son guys who were slacklining in the forest and we gave it a go. Their skill far surpassed ours. 

We changed into some warmer clothes and ate at a good place called Jacks. I split huevos rancheros and a trout and cream cheese sandwich. Both of which were very good. Once done, we walked to the main plaza were people were dancing and performing some kind of celebration. After touring for a while, we went and rested in a Starbucks. At about 9:30 we left and went to a discoteca for a salsa lesson. We left at about 11 after anther great day in Peru.


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