Monday, June 9, 2014

Peru day 3

Today was a bit chill. We awoke at 9 and hung around eating pumpkin cake and drinking coffee until about 12 when we left to finalize some arrangements for our tour. The rest of the day was pretty chill. At about. 1 we went to have lunch at a Peruvian restaurant. We waited a very long time for our food, but when it came over an hour later were were very happy to be eating such wonderful food.

Once done, we went for a walk and garret and I split up from the group and got lost which was a very good time. 

We made it back to the meeting place about 20 minutes late for a group discussion with a bunch of group of westerners at the Meeting Place Cafe. The focal point of the discussion was the topic of perspective. As people from all different backgrounds and cultures, we should try to understand each others perspectives when we engage with them. This was the good part of the discussion that quickly turned into a discussion of relativity concerning truth and worldview. After we prayed for several peoples needs. A man named Sesar had a friend in a coma. We prayed for him. The next morning Sesar came in very excited with news that his friend was awake! Praise the Lord. Once adjourned, our tour guide for the Inca Trail came and met us and talked about our tour. She seems nice.

Once done, we were hungry so we went looking for food. A persuasive hostess beaconed us into a restaurant where we ordered desert. We relaxed here for a while and it was very good. We left at 10:30 and went back to the main plaza for more salsa dancing.

We arrived just as they began a lesson so we dropped off our things and jumped in. I had the opportunity to dance with a Peruvian girl which was very fun. We danced for a bit and then watched the experienced dancers rip up the floor. 

As we left, we watched some fireworks and began walking up the hill to a good overlook of the city. The view was great and we were able to see stars even though the beautiful city lights polluted the sky. Realizing that we were seeing stars that we had never seen before since we were now in the Southern Hemisphere, we tried to recall everything that we knew about these strange new constellations. Kait recognized Scorpio and I may or may not have found the southern cross by using my compass. Overall though, you could certainly tell that we were looking at the heavens from a completely different perspective than what we had grown up with. I think it was very interesting that, though we don't often look at the stars back home, we still are familiar enough to recognize that these stars were not ours. I wonder how have an ancient, stargazing Greek would have felt if he were there with us. Probably even more aware of the differences and very, very confused. We walked down the hill and went to sleep in our beds. Overall, the day was relaxing and chill. 

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