Sunday, August 22, 2010

The End of The Beginning

Well I'm lying here on my bed, just like I was when writing my first posta, the beginning of the school year awaiting me on the other side of the pillow. This Alpine Summer of 2010 has been quite adventurous an very grand. Though it didn't go exactly as planned, in every way it was a spectacular summer and I wouldn't trade its memories for the world. The adventure doesn't stop here. Many weekend trips to the mountains await along with the school semesters and many great times are certain to come.

Here are some of the pictures which I think best sum up these past summer months.

The Inauguration of Summer

The Ceniza Trip

Sandia Sweetness

The Grand Excursion
The Little Bear

The Wichita Roast
The Second Roasting of the Witchitas
The Durango Train Trek
The Beaver Pond Haul

The winter season is almost upon us along with all of its skiing, mountaineering, and climbing opportunities. What shall this white canvas of opportunity become? Only time will tell as the Winter Season '11 begins.

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